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inkjet vs laser glossy paper

used in laser printers? Although most people would use a standard 4 colour inkjet printer (same cmyk as laser but in liquid ink form the jet (as in Ink-Jet)

technology is much finer and more accurate than laser. And if all you do is write letters and print in black ink only, well this is an all together different article. Good inkjet papers do it without distorting the paper itself (remember that you are essentially spraying paper with liquid) while maintaining the sharp image quality and maintaining the wide colour gamut and tonal range that the printer is capable. On the face of it, laser and inkjet printer technology provide the same result, a colourful image on a piece of paper. . Inkjet printers spray papers the ink highly accurately, and directly onto the paper. . These parts are costly to fix and some parts of your printer may be beyond all repair which will result in you having to purchase a whole new printer. Due to these differing technologies, photo paper made for each is required to perform in a different way and contain a different chemical composition in order to handle the medium used to place the colours on the paper. Everybody knows that laser printers using laser photo paper producing full colour work and immensely faster than inkjet. . Another consideration when deciding which technology to adopt. Because of the simpler paper path in inkjet printers, paper for these are often much heavier than those available for laser printers and would not feed well in them. Some papers are specially designed to work well with each type of printer.

Laser printers are usually much quicker at printing the special documents that end up on paper glossy paper. On the other hand, while inkjet printers have caught up with personal laser printers when printing basic text on regular paper. Businesses should look into what they need to do and if they can find the correct paper to do it before choosing a printer technology. There are a vast range of glossy papers available for inkjet printers.

Modern inkjet printers can use up to 9 different colour cartridges at the same time to achieve amazingly accurate photographic images. For everything other than the finest text. The colours are the same cmyk but require different paper technology in order to absorb them and make them permanent at the end of the printing process. Its a lot less expensive to just buy the right kind of paper than risk damaging your printer. The inkjet paper coating can also melt in the laser printer which can damage your laser printer. They also have a simpler paper path no drums and paper turning around in a printer before being extracted. Laser photo paper needs to withstand heat and inkjet photo paper needs to absorb relatively large quantities of liquid ink. Laser printers lay consecutive layers of different colours on pot the paper and then fuse them using heated rollers at the end of the printing cycle as the paper exits the printer. Inkjet printers can produce results almost on par with wet process photographic development of years gone learning past. Inkjet printers now have essentially equivalent print quality to laser printers and.

Interestingly, most offices that run laser printers will also have one or two inkjet ones also. .If high photographic image is needed then photographic inkjet photo paper is the only option and if you need to print on specialised surfaces, then the decision becomes clearer.


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