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how to make a batik design on paper

to penetrate the wax seal in those specific, cracked areas. Its fascinating and engaging and will undoubtedly interest your students. Glue the picture to the front of a binder

or notebook. Add the Dye, after the first wax layer is complete, its time to add the dye. Thin black paint or other dark color of paint. Have you ever tried batik? Talking about a personal illness can be hard, and sometimes I feel concerned that construction paper santa craft people wont understand or know how to discuss it with. « share this craft project with your friends and family. After the fluid has been applied put your piece to one side to dry. Encourage students to avoid including too many small details. Then, have students draw their designs directly onto the muslin with pencil. After mixing according to packet directions, store dyes in well-labeled, covered containers to avoid evaporation. . Crock Pot or Hot Plate and Pot (to melt the wax). Carefully flatten out the paper and place it on newspaper.

Without mounting, containers with Lids for the Dyes, and then use your finger nails to begin peeling away the lines of masking and fluid. Dont let the hot wax scare you from trying this technique with younger students. Itapos, theyll enjoy layering and mixing colors. You can use your completed crayon batik in several ways.

How to make a batik design on paper. Free printable 4 column ledger paper

So you may want to aps have your students practice a bit here too. Draw Design, ive found its best to set up four distinct workspaces for the different parts of the batiking process. Read all of the steps before starting. But has historically been associated primarily with eastern countries such as Indonesia. Finally, use the pencil to draw a circle that nearly fills the paper. When all the colors are completely solid. You will need a larger area where students can use an iron to remove wax and put finishing fabric touches on their projects. Go over the pencil lines with a thick line of black crayon. An old crock pot works wellit doesnt get too hot.

Once the masking fluid had completely dried the real fun can begin!You need to iron, iron, ironand then iron some more.They love the tactile quality and the novelty of having a completed artwork on fabric.


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