Paper xmas decorations: Fold paper in half 8 times

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fold paper in half 8 times

wisdom. I could not make the 8th fold because 256 pieces of paper this is like trying to fold a piece of lumber, and I am weak from sitting

at a computer all day. 3 folds is easy: 2 x 2 x 2 8 pieces of paper thick. Paper -folding is ridiculous, we can at least say that. As the paper goes in, and the hydraulic press clamps down, we hear a "bang and see that the paper has basically exploded into a hard, chalky substance that crumbles into pieces. The second fold takes it to 75 mm long and.2 mm thick. I started to think that if I had a larger piece of foil, I could have folded it again, but then I remembered that old chestnut from adolescence (that was repeated in college as fact its impossible to fold a piece of paper in half. After lunch today, I ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, which came individually wrapped phd in a surprisingly thin tin foil wrapper. Oh boy Here Comes The Math! Link, previous story, nEXT story. Here length (L) was derived from the thickness (t) of the paper and number (n) of folds. Together with a team of their accomplices, a steam roller and a forklift, they successfully folded this enormous sheet cutters eleven times. Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo has crunched the numbers: 30 folds will get you to space, because your paper will be now 100 km high. His figures show that as the folded pile grows. Why is paper -folding so hard? Brittany explained in a press release that Mythbusters and the students from. 42 folds will get you to the Moon. As Thomas Amidon, a professor of paper and bioprocess engineering at suny's College of Environmental Science and Forestry, told Mary Beth Griggs at Popular Science, the most likely explanation for the sad demise of the pressed paper wasn't the cellulose (wood) fibres it's made from. Who will rise as our next Paper Folding Hero? Advertisement.3k, shares, a popular myth exists that one can only fold a single piece of paper in half, seven, maybe eight times at most. When she was originally presented with this problem by one of her high school math teachers, to reach a dozen creases, she came up with an equation that addressed folding the paper in half the traditional way, top to bottom and side to side. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Then I started folding the foil repeatedly in half, flattening it out between each fold. I figured someone must have debunked this conventional wisdom and sure enough, a quick google revealed that the number of folds depends on the length and thickness of the piece of paper. Mythbusters did what any rational person might attempt; they produced an enormous sheet of paper, something roughly the size of a football field. The bottom line is that as the height of the folds continue to rise, as the amount of paper also increases, the thickness will grow exponentially. A little over 50 gets you to the sun.

We dispelled the myth that paper can only be folded in half 7 research paper on lupus or 8 times. All of this was to simply get some extra credit in her high school math class. Where a young mathematician helps his older brother solve crimes for the FBI by using various equations. We now know that paper can be folded more than seven times 7 folds and its already looking rough. Students at the, we tried ourselves, in her book.

You actually can fold a piece of paper in half more than 8 times posted by Jason Kottke Jun 18, 2004 After lunch today, I ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, which came individually wrapped in a surprisingly thin tin foil wrapper.Best Answer: Obviously you could sit at your desk folding a piece of paper in half over and over, open close open close etc.But using a standard piece of notebook paper and folding it so each successive fold reduces the size of the sheet by half, I could get to seven.

So wtf just happened 384 sheets of paper thick, no less, why is the limit 8 times. Who made up those rules in the first place. The thickness of the paper doubles. Brittany 8 would be physically impossible for a piece of paper this size.


Things go perfectly fine until we get to that infamous seventh fold.Guess youll have to buy her book to find out.To what lengths, literally, are we willing to go to be the paper folding champion?


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