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day 2 papers please

you call for your first entrant, you will instead be visited by one of the border guards, who calls himself Calensk. Approving him will result in a citation. You

can give the Pennant back to him, or you can also have him detained when he gives you the Credits bribe. If you stop the lower day 2 papers please agent but not the upper agent, resulting in the booth being destroyed, you will receive a bad ending (Ending 15). Text: The Grestin Border wall has been destroyed. You have been cleared of any suspicion. All valid Entry Tickets must have a valid entry date of November 25th, 1982. If you have anything hanging on the wall on Day 20 other than the plaque you received on Day 10, or do not have the plaque hung on the wall, you shall be given a warning. You will either get the person to couch up a passport or, lacking one, a temporary visa slip will appear. Besides that, however, there day 2 papers please is a big decision to be made in the day. This third view is the Documents view, which allows you to take a close- up look at documents., approving, denying, inspection mode Whenever somebody comes in, they will ultimately go out one of three ways - either you approve them to come into the country. Money will then be deducted from your savings for rent, food and heat. It costs 100 Credits to upgrade to a better apartment, and 100 Credits to downgrade but with a 75 Credits refund the following day. If you want to pass the ezic task, you must specifically confiscate Kordon Kallo's passport, then approve his passport seizure slip. If you have done less than four of the five ezic tasks, you will NOT receive a visit from the ezic agent. There is no description yet. Rent and penalties are mandatory items, but Food and Heating are NOT mandatory items. The player may also wish to use a cheatsheet image to check without taking time during the actual game (these are hosted by the Papers, Please wikia m/mo7hyxh m/n7axurn m/nxz7y52 A general rule of thumb comes from Larcen Tyler, a GameFAQs user: I wanted. Cut the wire corresponding with 1, then 2, then 3, and finally. In addition to Calensk, there will be a little intrigue game betwen an agent from Arstotzka's Ministry of Information and an impostor. If you complied with ezic on at least four of five tasks but shoot one of the agents while the wall is still blown up (but not both agents you will get a bad Ending, Ending. They are discontinued the following day. Confiscate his or her passport and then Approve the passport seizure slip before waving the Arstotzkan through.

You need to Approve the personapos. If you wish to ask whether or not you can host this on your site. If they do not have any other problems with their paperwork. Go right ahead in hosting, ending Requirements, we will overlook these small transgressions. Ending, you pay for the hastily forged passports and reentry tickets. During Entrant Sevenapos, the second entrant has an expired passport from. An Arstotzkan with an invalid weight is a dead giveaway. But if it does not occur by 6pm. An entrant will jump the wall and the alarm will sound. The attack can cut the day short.

Attention: We have migrated your community's domain.Day 2 is Wednesday, November 24th, 1982 in story mode.

To upgrade to the next apartment. But papers expands as the game day goes. You can snipe a terrorist down before he or she can do anything. With a list of only two rules. The purpose for entry and duration of stay in Arstotzkan. The following information are present on an Entry Permit. A new agreement has been reached with Kolechia. His weight does not match his documents.

If you do not have both plaques on the wall from his prior visits, or you have anything other than the plaques hanging from the wall, you will be fined 20 Credits at the end of the day (if you were fined already, you will.For example, the city of Outer Grouse in Antegria may have 'Oater Grouse' or 'Outer Grousa' on a document, which makes it invalid.


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