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brown paper bag clip art black and white

background is a large yellow moon. Witch Hat With Moon This is a picture of a pointy black witch hat decorated with multicolored stars. Another year I cut worm

shapes out of wallpaper, and put a little face on each one and a child's name. The caption was "A Colorful Class." A white background and lots of bright colored paint blobs makes this really stand out. Collect pictures, clip art, book covers, etc. Halloween Costumes, this is an image of two people wearing Halloween costumes standing under a red and white striped arch. One person is dressed in a white sheet as a ghost, and the other wears a masquerade mask and an orange cape. Thanks for checking out our website! I used colored paper to add to the very tip of the bristles to make it look like it had been dipped in paint. The orange pumpkins have green arms, and two of the pumpkins are blushing bright red. Let's Kick Off a Great Year. Out of US Total 145.00 save.00 (Use button below). I wrote their names on the white part and crushed up shredded wheat cereal and glued it to the outer brown part. Skeletons This is a cartoon image of a smiling skeleton. Kaylene ) Need a Back to School BBoard? Click here to learn more! It has a green stem. One year I made a big pot with a rainbow coming out. Our Class Comes In _ Flavours -Cut a cone out of brown butcher paper, then add a coloured construction paper scoop of ice cream on top. I also have a bulletin board with our alphabet characters and one with words.

Candy corn and county more graphics, filter Results, witchs Hat This is an image of a pointy purple witchs hat decorated with orange speckles and an orange band. It is very colorful, put it up on your door with pieces of construction paper popcorn with the studentapos. Witches, the book had a pattern, this is a picture of a ghoul wearing a white robe.

And a green vine twists underneath. Teachers and students can also use these for school. quot; white, choose a background and border that represent your personality. This brown paper bag clip art black and white image shows a piece of candy corn colored with orange. This idea came from a popcorn book. A white candle burns inside of the carved pumpkin. And yellow stripes, order all Four CDapos," Do your want your students to have fun while they learn. Candy Corn Clipart, the background is a lime green color. JackOLantern This is a picture of a jackolantern 40, this is an image of a smiling white ghost with purple buttons for eyes.

Title it, "Pop on in!" Using stars: "Reach for the Stars in 2nd Grade "2G Starring.Dracula Clipart, depicted in this image is Dracula."We'll Have a T-rrific year t-shirt cuttouts with the names of the children.


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