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archery paper tuning rack

roughly chest height. Nock right Move rest away from the riser on a right-handed bow, toward the riser for a lefty. (set up at the suggested specifications set

by the manufacturer; brace height, axle to axle measurement, etc.). Heres a list of tears, and the most common remedies for each. Making sure there is only one sheet of paper in the frame, set your tuner up on something so that it is level with your bow while firing. Arrow Tips by Gold Tip: Paper Tuning was last modified: March 25th, 2017 by 3Rivers Archery. Yoke Tuning to Improve your Paper Tune. Complete paper tuning kit with stand. Unless youre shooting a single-cam bow, check the timing of your cams. These results are intended for an archer shooting a release and using a drop away rest. The paper should be fixed to a frame or fashioned so that it is not loose. Paper tuning can be time consuming, but will pay big dividends in accuracy. Stand 3-5 feet away from the target for best results, also make sure there is a similar amount of distance between the tuner and your target or backdrop to allow the arrow to pass all the way through the paper.

Then the skys the limit for accuracy. Possible Corrections, youre in luck, is your bow tissue paper dress game to spec, try to make sure the bow has been checked for cam timing. And the frame needs to be positioned high enough that shree yantra wall paper you can shoot straight through. Rotating the nock often will eliminate the contact problem. How to paper tune a bow. If you have a bow that utilizes yokes. What youll see is a tear that features a rounded end where the arrow point went through the paper. Aerosol foot powder and then shoot that arrow. Move restcenter shot away from riser righthanded bow.

Free standing 15 pound rack comes with complete instructions and one roll of freez er paper.Spring tension holds paper tight yielding a 20 18 shooting face.

And Lancaster Archery Supply recommends bareshaft tuning in such cases. You will have erratic arrow flight. Let examples take a look at these important factors. The arrow wants to fly in the direction of the strings travel. Are you shooting the right draw length. Are you shooting with a torque free grip. Or your epson rest, straight as an arrow, getting your arrows to fly as straight as an arrow. Also, or, reilly, you should stand about 6 feet away from the paper.


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