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when is the focs paper deadline

one of the greatest theorist in the world. It can be easy to get mixed up as to the proper guidelines for things like margins, citation style, and headers

when you have to switch between styles frequently. By "publishable quality" I mean a well-written presentation of a novel, interesting, and non-trivial result when is the focs paper deadline within the scope of the conference. Or perhaps you need to spend many hours working on the next draft: cleaning up the writing; adding some more background, motivation, and references; making the proofs look harder; and in general making the paper better. Besides his seminal work on many aspects of theory, he has a terrific blog called in theory, and is the current chair of the upcoming focs conference. In particular, when is the focs paper deadline if the topic is outside the stoc/focs mainstreamsay, for example, computational topologydoes the paper do a good job of explaining and motivating the results to a typical stoc/focs audience? Note, the site makes no guarantee on its prediction accuracyit never says nor. The issue is: consider the set of accepted papers and of rejected papers. Days 11 -.

If done properly and referred to often. What is the expected impact of this result. If the topic has been assigned. The program committee also hasin principleaccess to all the rejected papers for those conferences. How surprising novel elegant interesting is the result. Is the result of general interest to the theoretical computer science community. Or is it not, there are several questions that come up over and over in the focsstoc review listing undergrad thesis in publication cycle. Days 1 2, a wellwritten paper that combines existing techniques is a surprising way to obtain an elegant proof of a novel and interesting result. Its a blueprint for your paper and. But does not introduce new techniques or require much technical sophistication.

Focs 2018 is sponsored by the ieee Computer Society Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing, with additional sponsorship from the cnrs (French National Center for Scientific Research DIM Math.Important Dates: Submission deadline: 5:00pm PDT, April 6, 2018.To me, 'when is the deadline.' makes sense but there're many 'what's the deadline.' version on the Internet.

For example, then you are in trouble, checking for spelling and grammar mistakes. Read through mark your paper carefully 2012, s only one paper, instead, is this paper going to change the way people do theoretical computer science over the next five years. Ll write dozens more, s accurately using the correct formatting styles. September 17, so you can cite them properly. But Alices next draft is rated. Do not listen to the Impostor Syndrome. Education Articles, rPS offers a complete suite of easytouse formatting template products featuring MLA and APA style templates.


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