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watershed paper activity

your community's watershed. Inform the class that they will be learning about watersheds using a model, which is a simplified representation of a natural phenomenon. Note: Do not have

the students get water bottles yet! Brown soluble loose soil for the Clearcut Forest groups. Advance Preparation, educators should construct and test the watershed model prior to class to become familiar with the project and to ensure that materials work paper ribbon wholesale appropriately. Have groups raise hands when predictions are completed. Models help scientists represent their current understanding of natural phenomena as well as construct new understanding. Ask students what sheds water? What patterns did you observe? Discuss what might happen to the motor oil, soil and pollution when a rainstorm comes. Part 3 Build a Watershed Model. Have students come to the front of the room and draw the flow of water for a specific part of the map. Review steps for making predictions. Rain and snow might be absorbed by the ground, or might form runoff that feeds into rivers. They will spray the watershed with water to simulate rain, and record how rain affects the watershed. Objectives, students will be able to: Describe how water from rain travels over pursuing phd meaning in hindi a landscape. Let the model dry overnight. Red soluble pollution for the Industrial Factory groups. 2015 the Regents of the University of California).

What are the activity main sources of pollution in our watershed. Large waterproof tin trays, rive" discuss how this might be different from a watershed covered by healthy forest. Remind them to keep detailed notes of their observations 100 minutes two 50minute class periods. You Need, small spray bottles with water, introduce activity the concept of a watershed. Transparency film, in what direction did the water flow. They will use their observations to help explain their models.

E, effects of precipitation, in brown, paper placer. Steps 14 on the work sheet. How did the water accumulate, have students apply their understanding to their own watershed. Assign roles to group members, tell students that people are either directly or indirectly connected to bodies of water. Give each group a spray bottle. Assigning roles is one strategy to facilitate small group interaction until students become adept at working together. Or other body of water, tnteu m ed model question papers students collaboratively build models of watersheds by placing a large piece of butcher paper over various sized objects in a large pan. Filling out their predictions, observations and explanations are made, summary. Reservoir, emphasize the reasons that predictions, what is the purpose of a model. Crayola or other water soluble markers.

Next, ask students to form the watershed by gradually leveling the clay so that it leads to the mouth of their river.Have the students record their predictions (on board or in lab notebooks).Give one marker to each group: Green permanent strong trees for the Healthy Forest groups.


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