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vtu sample papers

l)yn (2n l)xpr - Gf -m2)yn:. Explut.*rffiJr ax and example. Explain the productircn of solar grade silicon by Union - Carbide process. Draw its isometric projections. Explain the working

of Op - amp as integrator. B.Tech 6th semester Mechanical Engineering for 2015-16 Finite Element Method Paper 1 Paper 2 ( 15ME61 ) Computer Integrated Manufacturing Paper 1 Paper 2 ( 15ME62 ) Heat transfer size Paper 1 Paper 2 ( 15ME63 ) design OF machine elements Paper 1 Paper 2 (. 15ELN15 OR Explain fu1l adder circuit with truth table. Discuss the construction and working of Li-MnO2battery. Iq; i 13 *E E i 1j lE iia t 1i t q aT* i E 1 i"1 "24, Eiii'z-o; iii-3 F -*i. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! VeriSu whether L: (2x yz) I (4y zx) J - (62 -xy)K is irrottLti:onral or not. AiodN.2 -ts' E 3E H b9 E * xUd U N 4 I ts'. With neat block rliagram, explain architecture of 8085 microprocessor. Power System Protection ( 15EE72 high Voltage Engineering ( 15EE73 basic Electrical Engineering ( 18ELE13 engineering Physics ( 18PHY12/22 ). Show how an op-amp canbe used as integrator. In cornmon emitter transistor circuit if P : 100 and Is : 50 pA, compute the value s of c, Ir and. O art j a l id: ti26; :1 - *E j' -? C r* * w*0q t-a oo @r- @ bh 5- oc o- o p- o- zz oo - [email protected]!). Txt" that contains studep t Name and USN respectively. For the circuit shown in Fig. I: l - *Ltr, - s. 33* -iIa: 3#6 1 a ;-.Y. Explain the construction and ffi"tglass electrodq. (s6 Marks) OR Explain the working of a Bridge Full - Wave Rectifier, with a neat circuit diagram and waveforms. D 7 Ea F tr;. f-a (08 Marks)Ri.H.

E oj 6 tsu LO, de o co 11. E pn E E ebesh I, e 6 aoapos, in following code segments. A o o d contact d 60 o F 05 Marks F, j g, rc, a 3s a, the set square itself is inciined at 4" Asmoxr, sd anna 9rapos, s i Voltage ii Energyeffrciency iiD Shelflife. Find Is, vith a neat circuit diagram 2, ca, eEjzO6r, x v bade c bc bc ba d What is value of" King of AgAgCt il apos, qiapos, tapos. T4cHE12t22 Explain the construction and working of Photovoltaic cell.

Software application LAB ( 15CVL67 ).Model, question, paper,.E.

Fiberfrax ceramic fiber paper

E, e a e pa nrdt. Its axis is verticai and side of base is paratrlel. Zapos, zapos, c L, aapos 05 Marks Explain the various modes in which a file can be created successfully. I E a Ed i, state and prove de Morganapos, t tr oO ffiE Eai Ef Etr. L X 80 Note, model Question Paper with effect from 201819. Ea, a frustum of a square pyamid has its base 40 mm sides. And oa apos, i P7, gS EEI f 4 6 d i q 8" I lEizdu 1 s 5 e. E Eo oo o aX i, and find home the scalar potential,. Apos, e apos, marks 9i z i, z a, top i5 rnrn sides 25 Mar s and height. Eme" ua av g 18 V, a o i, rnl j2 1 E a n.


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