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unclog toilet with paper towels

the towel or rag from the bowl. Be aware that good service providers sometimes get a small number of negative reviews for reasons that might not be relevant

to your situation. If you believe that a large volume of tissue paper, baby wipes, paper towels or other sanitary products has clogged a toilet or drain line, start by trying to pull out as much of the material as you can. It may take several attempts before the drain is unclogged. Best Answer, well, get yourself a snake from the local hardware store or farm store. If these methods do not unblock your toilet and you're unable to get a plunger, contact a plumber to remove the clog. This weight on the clog, added to the lubrication of the soap, will help to push the clog down the drain. Leave the soap to work its way into the blockage. First, try using a toilet auger (or "closet auger" ) to pull out or break apart any flushed material that's close to the bowl. After you find one or more licensed plumbers who seem to have a good reputation, search online for the company name and the names of individuals at the company, if known. Add as much boiling water as you can to the bowl. Trust me, our sewer just froze in the yard and we have been doing clean up from it doing a return visit. Look for a company with several reviews that tell a positive, believable story about repairs that are similar to yours. It may take several attempts to fully clear the clog. If you can't reach the clog with a toilet auger, and you can find an alternate drain opening that's upstream of the toilet (like a sink, a clean out opening in a wall, or a roof vent try using a handheld drum auger to clear the drain. Flush the toilet to make sure the clog has cleared. Flushable belongs to toilet paper only. Take into account both the positive and negative information that you find about the company. Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into the bowl. I tried plunging and pouring buckets of water, now it's hardly letting any water down. Dish soap is heavier than water, so even if there is water in the bowl, the soap will work its way down the drain and into the clog, where it acts as a lubricant. If you dont have a plunger handy, you might not have to call a plumber to get rid of that clog. Falling and siphoning water in the toilet bowl is an indication that the blockage may have cleared. Heat a pot of water until it boils. To unclog the bathroom drain line using a handheld auger : Read and follow the drum auger safety instructions, then put on work gloves and eye protection. Failing that you might have luck with a toilet snake. Usually 1/2 cup to 1 cup is adequate. Sometimes heavy demand can be a sign of a company with lots of repeat customers. If a large volume of tissue paper, baby wipes, paper towels or other sanitary products has reached the main drain and has caused plumbing fixtures in different rooms to all clog, you can try to break apart and flush out the clog with a sewer jetter.

Note that removing the toilet, plastic elbow sleeve to help you avoid scratching the visible ceramic surface inside the bowl. Checking for material stuck in the toilet trap. Running a drain snake or sewer jetter through the drain opening in the floor. Avoid toilet using too much force so that you do not kink or knot the cable. Visit the unclog a main sewer drain tips page.

I d like not to have a clogged toilet when Colin comes home in an hour.I imagine paper towels will dissolve after a while, but cloth will require.

Unclog toilet with paper towels

If you are unable to find a good recommendation from someone you know. I discarded a bunch of paper towels into the toilet and I ended up coupon with water flushing really slowly. I believe a washcloth was flushed down.

Lay towels around the base of the toilet and have a couple extra towels handy just in case the baking soda bubbles over the lip of the toilet bowl.Photo Credits, jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images.


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