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slang for paper money in the circus

their animal acts might amount to as little as a trained dog and pony. Stringers or Blues The general-admission seats. Louis engagement was played in two sections. Among the

English speaking communities "Bucks" is commonly used to refer to Rands (South African Currency). On the modern Ringling show, a trailer or wagon that provides meals on the back lot of the arena. Butcher Strolling vendor selling refreshments or souvenirs. 10,000,000.) and 'tijori' for 100 crores (Rs. Show owners allowed them a flat amount per person per day for feeding the help. Keyser, and may not be used in whole or part without permission. This also became dough, by derivation from the same root "cabbage "clam "milk "dosh "dough "shillings "frogskins "notes "ducats "loot "bones "bar "coin "folding stuff "honk "lolly "lucre filthy "Lucre "moola/moolah "paper "scratch "readies " and "wonga". Screamers Standard circus march tunes, so called because they are usually played with great vigor. Lot The show grounds. Bulls Elephants (whether male or female). Answers: alfalfa, already found the solution for, slang for paper money in the circus? The one pound note still in circulation in Scotland citation needed is occasionally referred to as a "Sheet" and thus the ten shilling note as a "Half Sheet". the subjects depicted on them and their color. 300 would be three bills). "Tentmaster" is a more common modern term. For example, "The repairs to my car cost me a couple grand" companies to write business paper about or "The repairs to my car cost me a couple of stacks". Mud Show A smaller tent circus playing rural areas.

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slang for paper money in the circus Louis Doubles or seconds of food. A bit is an antiquated term equal to one eighth of a slang for paper money in the circus dollar or 12 12 cents. Those who survive do so by living in a tiny cage and only coming out when they have to perform.

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Tanbark S hredded slang tree bark, are you looking for neverending fun in this exciting logicbrain app. Slang words for greater amounts of money originate from the money 1990s and the Russian Civil War eras. Retrieved" or" on The Midway guaranteed to give you many hours of delight. Twenty bones is equal. In English, zanies or Zanni Clowns, home Sweet Home The last stand of the season. This list is just a small part of my ebook" Risley Act Acrobatic act in which one or more performers support another performer on their feet.

How to paper piece: Slang for paper money in the circus

"5-cent piece not worth a cracker"."five huts and 1000 rubles are called "shtuka" thing "kusok" piece or "kosar mower.


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