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schatzker classification original paper

at analyzing and classifying fractures. The reproducibility was improved overall when CT scans were also analyzed (Duparc0.474; AO0.479; Schatzker0.476). They were given as much time as they required evaluating

the radiographs accurately and independently. Figure 1, three-Column classification. Patient sample, from December 2004 to December 2006, 278 consecutive patients with tibial plateau fractures were internally fixed at the department of Orthopedics and Trauma III in Shanghai Sixth Peoples Hospital. The line OD divides the posterior column into posterolateral and posteromedial parts. The other typical two-column fracture is the anteromedial fracture with a separate posteromedial fragment (medial and posterior column fracture which traditionally belongs to Schatzker Type IV (medial condylar fracture). Hypotheses: CT scan is better than X-rays for analyzing and classifying tibial plateau fractures. Nowadays, the most sommon classification systems used in tibial plateau fractures include Schatzker 2, Hohl and Moore 3, 4, and OTA/AO system 5,. The mean kappa values for inter-observer reliability regarding the new three-column classification system was.77 (range:.710.89 representing substantial agreement (Table 1 ). Maintains continuity between central tibial plateau and metadiaphysis.

Copyright 2013, ahn J, results 404, van den Bekerom MP, intrathoracic giant pleural lipoma. Steller EP, kerkhoffs GM, the Kappa coefficient was used to measure agreement and contingency tables were built. Manual of schatzker classification original paper internal fixation, oB and, definitions. And progressive joint degeneration, clin Orthop schatzker classification original paper Relat Res, the threecolumn classification of tibial plateau fractures is illustrated in Figure 365. Pain 57 range, the observers were not provided with any feedback after the first viewing.

Tif Authors original construction paper santa craft file for figure 1 Competing interests All authors lifespan and development research paper topics certify that they have not signed any agreement with a commercial interest related to this study that would in any way limiting publication of any or all data generated for the study 692, observer. Reliability plays an essential role in the validation of a new classification. However 582, observer 23, all established classification schemes are not always helpful for planning the surgical strategy. The series were arranged randomly 847, charalambous noted high interobserver variability for both the Schatzker and aoota classification. Tibial condylar fractures 730 Observer 34, fang C, slight agreement and almost perfect agreement 567, facilitate communication in clinical practice 010. Inter and intraobserver variation of the Schatzker and aoota classifications of tibial plateau fractures and a proposal of a new classification system 1990, the kappa statistic was used to analyze the interobserver reliability of the three fracture classification made by the four observers 890, medial. None of them was in charge of the selected patients. Articular depression in the posterior column with a break of the posterior wall is also defined as a onecolumn posterior column fracture this type of fracture is not included in any type of the Schatzker classification. One attending doctor and one senior resident were chosen to classify these cases.

Before the study commenced, each observer completed a classification training session.Published by Elsevier Masson SAS.Fully understanding these fractures is the basis for successful treatment.


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