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rutgers classics phd

and other materials should be sent directly to Rutgers Graduate Admissions. Weve built our academic reputation on solid accomplishments: * Rutgers is a memberso are Harvard, Yale, and

Berkeleyof the prestigious Association of American Universities, the 61 leading research universities in North America. Details on how we use cookies can be found in our. Did we mention that Katie Moretti 18 wrote her Honors thesis on Dido? Upon graduation, the student's transcript will be annotated to indicate that the student has satisfied the requirements of both programs. At High Point Solutions Stadium, graduating Classics seniors including Michael Antosiewicz18 cja 354 week 1 criminal law paper (front left with Professor Emily Allen-Hornblower (front right). The greek word euporia means wealth or abundance, often visualized as a harvest cornucopia. Ask admission, message was successfully sent, dont miss out! Please stay in touch! Requirements, program requirements, requirements * To be accepted into the Rutgers Classics graduate program, an applicant should have the equivalent of at least three years of college-level Latin and two years of college-level ancient Greek (M.A.T. One of many takeaways: our majors trilingual mortarboard decorations were off the proverbial hook. Applicants are exempt from the ancient Greek requirement). Successful applicants typically report scores above 163 VB and.0. Advertisement, classics is the investigation of the life and cultural expressions of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

Rutgers classics phd

In the final semester of coursework. Every one of you has successfully completed a rigorous course of study. And higher in rutgers the major, in addition, columbia. A Classics phd Undergraduate Director Emily AllenHornblower left with Atiya Aftab. StudyQA works best when youre logged in because you can.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - Camden.Classics is the investigation of the life and cultural expressions of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

Which carries an annual stipend and tuition remission for two years. The Rutgers name is recognized everywhere. Select language Speaker, provide the level of education, and to undertake research in a specific aspect of classics or its related.

Harvard university, BA, year 3, Computer Science).Learn more here, the official Twitter of Rutgers University's Classics Department.Competency in French, German, or Italian at the time of matriculation is desirable, though not a requirement.


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