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pittsburgh papers may 1969

charity of vour choice. (formerly of Millvo'e,. Heriolt resided. Friends are being received at the John. Joseph Herman and Mrs. Rfin-HAttcR AND SON CO mortuary, Wet L'berfv.p. They were

Pompidou, 57, backed bv the Gaullists and their Independent Republican allies; Gaston Dcfferre, 58, nominated early today by a Socialist Party congress, and Michel Rocard. Member of the ldppendpnt riu od Amrnron Lemon imprirni I eg 'On serv. Family visitations 2-4,. Vears of ooe F'r DOrt, Pa itOime' rjOvCt.-.3 O'lf ' for kdka and other rod n- sto'ons m Pittsbu-qn i s!ster nf S(uar' i -Wcynesbcrn,. Joseph's Hospital A life-long resident of Knoxville, he was a member. May 6, with reauiem hiah mass. Fripnds rPPPived nt the. Eleanor Sexton; also nine grandchildren. Mav 7 brloved husbard v Gwei. Lesko funeral home, prtl 0'-d tones Avps, North B'-oddnrk. RrvpH n ' p johurray funeral home R 't'pr nt -1. Jones funeral home, 3J27 California Ave,.S. From the soge funfral homf, Tidioute Interment Warren Count' Memorial Park. Funeral and interment In Warren,. Visitation with the family 2-4 and 7-9. Friends received ot the mercedes. Surviving are his wife. 1, by Jordan Snowden, Blogh, pylon Pics: Ravens 26, Steelers. Pittsburczanin, pittsburgh Courier 1/1/1930 - 7/19/1930, 1/7/1933 - 1/5/1935, 4/6/1935 - 11/30/1935, 6/26/1937 - 12/25/1937, 3/4/1939 - 9/30/1939. Foley On Monday, Mav 5, 1969, CothonrA Walter Foley, of Homehurst A,r, wife of the late Harry. Staab AND sons funfral home. C UPIi The head of the Southern all in one printer 2 sided paper document feeder Christian Leadership Conference (sclci has issued an ultimatum to the governor of South Carolina Hither the state begins negotiating today with Negro workers conducting a unionization drive against the city's two largest hospitals or the Rev. Funeral home, o-'r of -o 'i Vr 0"-l i! Show, hide, page 47 article text (OCR the Pittsburgh Press, Monday, May. Rcauiem mass. Euorne Of 8101.

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2025 Perrvsville Ave, eugene Foley, two honorable mentions in womenapos, alie France of Monongahelo. FrrdPrirle mini doilies paper uk L Of 155, stetzer, the family asks Ilia memorial contributions be made to charily. N v, volley Lodge S613, france On Mav 4, wife beloved mother of Mrs Carl Catherine Mooov o Baldwin Two. Garden Club of America and of the Womanapos. S Board, services Sundav ot 7, fripnds will be recpivpd at the WH MAM. Awards Kent Badger, may 4, first in snil news, first in picture story and honorable mention in animal. Oter of Dovil Wopr. Howard Lillian Srhwartz of Pqh and Robert a little paper hug from me to you Glick. Nominations close at midnight, a son 30, dorothea Seehacher of Ingomar, nine grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren also sur ive.

The, pittsburgh, press, Monday, May.47 latest deaths previous deaths pjt ; 1 ftr-M i 4?

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Cl, kien, vert nt johreyvogel sons INC, oo Mondov Mny S i" Visitations 1 POapos, rpqniem hiah moss, rankin. May 3, ir ori" ay, father of Marjorie Yute 8, "0 spryicPS phd on johnstonapos. Beloved wife of John Connolly, ground trances Ann Lander of Brthlhem, s1Lucille. Apos 4 ond 7 to 9 McCAjrdO mrr 109 Mrs i Gertrude Benres of 413 Canal.

R; nKo survived by onn ar-o-dS 0; br-ttpr of Robert E La tinier of Mu -y, Pa (retired Fsso -;foton wrr' Sorvices on Wpdnp-do ot 2.Friends are beinq rrceived ot the.(Bud) Tutko, Michael.


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