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paper mache unicorn heads

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Paper mache unicorn heads

It doesnt matter what it looks like except for the basic structure because Im adding another layer of nicer paper on top for the finish coat. It took about 4 hours total to make. I took an old book and some Mod Podge and used it to cover paper mache costume tutorial the entire form. Pouring the soupy paper mache into a bowl I let it cool for about a minute and then start tearing paper towels into small pieces. I cut a heavy piece of cardboard to be the backing for the neck the flat piece that.

Another addition to Boos playroom.A paper mache unicorn head!It took about 4 hours total to make.

We only index and link to content provided by other sites. Biggest Siterips, i cut up the pages into small piece and just started layering them over. I cut out some ears, and over, i press and sculpt the head as I go to give it the shape I want. The next day, the staples are easily covered with some more paper and Mod Podge. And made a homework horn by wrapping a sturdy piece. To make the animal head I started with newspaper and masking tape. The final step was to attach the unicorn head to the plaque. And then slowly covered the entire head.

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