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paper plane competition ideas

the winning team (although its best to award all your pilots with small prizes, no matter how far they fly). Told you that it was a simple fundraiser!

It would be great to create passports before you start traveling around the world (in our ice-breaker activities we explain more about the kids making their own passports). Everyone stands on the outside of the clouds (make sure they arent stepping on them yet). For us to validate throws to be in line with the competition rules all throws must be recorded on video, a requirement on the entry page. Make enough of these for each kid and even more if kids want to take more turns. What's great too, is that it really is a doddle to set up and organise! On the target write your hometown (thats where you want the kids airplanes to fly). Print out our printable planes for the kids to pin on the map. You may have to help younger kids. When the music stops who ever is holding the plane is out and the game will continue til there is only one kid left. Pass The Plane, well Its just like hot potato. You can have various contests with these paper airplanes: such as, highest flight, closest to a target, longest flight, best crash, most flips, largest flip, etc. The first team whose players have packed the suitcase is the winning team. When the music stops, the kid holding the black box gets to choose a prize. If he misses the target, he gives his turn to the next kid, and this goes on and on, until the same kid has a turn again and continues the game from the spot he was. But it works and it will make you money! Then remove a cloud and continue the game until one child remains who ends up the winner. At one point tell the kids that several animals had to parachute out of a plane and are now lost. When they return to their starting place, they must open the suitcase and dump all the clothes on the floor for the next person to pack the suitcase. This is one of those simple fundraising ideas that just works and is really popular. The last player left is the winner. Age/Year groups will be defined by the students current school grade on the day of the competition. A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions. Provide many categories to allow each kid to win a prize during this airplane party game. Have each team stand in a single file line. Contestants are then invited to buy a sheet of paper out of which they construct their paper aeroplane. Every plane has a black box. Determine a turnaround point for the race. On the mark of GO, the first person on each team needs to put the clothes in the suitcase, zip it up and walk a designated distance and back carrying the suitcase (you can put an object like a chair a distance away, so that. Create a runway using masking tape, chalk, cones, etc to mark the boundaries of the runway. For example, when they get to the Mexican station, you can all play the Mexican Hat Dance game, or make maracas. Balancing Cups, this is a fun relay race that calls for some balancing skill (what you need in order to be a plane steward/stewardess).

When they return to their starting place they hand the tray to the next person in line. Clothing, like sports balls, if the kids are too young to fold their own paper airplanes. Create many before the party starts or have and adult make them. These items are going to represent other planes on the runway. Small handbags, find the Parachute Army, have a few felt tip pens around too.


Every take, if the pilot bumps into anything crashes the next team takes their turn. Any plane that flies right through wins a prize. To hop on one foot than all the kids need to hop on one foot. Put music on you can use something that has to do with your theme. And let the children walk around the clouds. Place them on the ground and have the kids land the planes in the hoops. Try changing ideas the places of the objects so that the kids dont memorize where to walk. Like music from Top Gun or Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Set up the board about 45m behind your table.

Each school should submit their best distance and airtime results through the Regional High Flyers entry page on this website.Musical Clouds, cut out clouds and place them in a circle so the children have enough room to walk around them (you need to place one less cloud than the amount of kids there are).


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