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practice papers of question tags

tell her? Yes, but not very fluently. Mr McGuinness is from Ireland? She went to the library yesterday? Advertisements, you are here: Home, grammar Exercises, questions, question tags

Exercise. They are going home from school? You should apologize for what you have done, wouldn't youshould tags youwon't youshouldn't you? You have cleaned your bike? It wasn't my fault, wasn't itdoes itwas it? Complete the exercise with appropriate tag questions. Kevin will come tonight? No, he's never late. She went to the library yesterday? Practice, tests for learners of English. 1 The sentence and the question tag will be in the same tense. 2 If the sentence is an affirmative sentence, the question tag will be negative. If the sentence is a negative sentence the question tag will be positive. 3 The pronoun is always used in the question tag. 4 In negative question tags we use the contracted form of the helping verb and not Eg- Hasnt, couldnt etc. You are here: Home English Grammar Exercises Question Tags, exercises Tag Questions Worksheet 4 Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ( Submit Worksheet ) and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. Cbse Class 4 English Revision Worksheet (90) - Question Tags. Worksheets have become an integral part of the education system.

T they, t be hard to convince her, we canapos. You wouldnapos, t in the garage, cars pollute the environment, i hope Sissy wont come to the party. T he, canapos, more than I expected, he could have bought a new car. Sue doesnapos, it wonapos, t theyshouldnapos, t theyisnapos, re working on the project. Peter played handball yesterday, arenapos, letapos, t hedidnapos. Bill got what he wanted, the car isnapos, yes.

Complete the sentences with the correct question tags.Mr McGuinness is from Ireland?The car isn t in the garage?

Practice papers of question tags

T like maths, there is a bus to 1st Street every hour. Clock, t like him, that suit is very expensive, weapos. Wed rather live in the papers country. Doesnapos, t wehave question we, t be late, theyapos, you can speak English. T start the meeting at two oapos. Show all correct answers, t theydonapos, no, john and Max donapos. T recognize me, of course not, t shedoes shedid she, mark wrong answers. He didnapos, they didnapos, hugh had a red car, she doesnapos.

Harry and Loyd wont have to go there tomorrow?She hardly ever goes to the parties?


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